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Sex Crimes Defense Attorneys in Bay County, Michigan

Though sex-related crimes often carry a different stigma from other types of offenses, they are more common than many people may realize. According to statistics from, the state of Michigan had 40,176 registered sex offenders as of February 2023, the fourth-highest number of registered sex offenders in the United States, or, roughly 400 sex offenders for every 100,000 people living in the state. 

When a person is charged with a sex-related crime, their entire life can be turned upside-down. If the individual is convicted of such a crime, it can have a permanent negative effect on their relationships, career, living arrangements, and more.

If you have been accused of a sex crime anywhere in Bay County or Midland County, Michigan, you need the help of experienced sex crimes defense attorneys. Reach out to our dedicated team of legal professionals at Revolution Law PLC today to schedule a consultation to discuss your case. 

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Types of Sex-Related Crimes in Michigan 

There is no specific charge of “sexual assault” in Michigan. Instead, sex crimes in the state (referred to as “criminal sexual conduct” under state law) are divided into four categories, differentiated by the type of crime and specifics about the victim. A general breakdown of these categories can be found below. 

  • First Degree: The crime involves sexual penetration and includes a victim who is a blood relative, under the age of 18, or handicapped. It may also involve crimes that caused injury to the victim or the threat of force. 

  • Second Degree: The crime does not involve sexual penetration but does include the other factors of the first-degree category. 

  • Third Degree: The crime includes sexual penetration, but does not involve the other factors related to the victim of a first-degree crime. 

  • Fourth Degree: These crimes include criminal sexual conduct but do not rise to the level of felonies, and fourth-degree crimes are classified as misdemeanor offenses. 

Any sex-related charge is very serious and requires legal representation to provide you with the best opportunity to reach the most favorable outcome available to you. 

Defining Consent 

Sexual consent is a crucial factor in determining whether or not a sexual encounter was, in fact, consensual, or if it meets the requirements to be considered criminal sexual conduct. Michigan Penal Code defines sexual consent as "Words or overt actions by a person who is competent to give informed consent indicating a freely given agreement to have sexual penetration, sexual contact, or other sexual activity." 

Michigan law emphasizes consent must be clear and voluntary among all parties involved in a sexual encounter. 

Registering as a Sex Offender 

For individuals convicted of criminal sexual conduct, registration with the state’s Public Sex Offender Registry (PSOR) is often mandatory. Depending on the specific conviction and the details of the crime, registry requirements can vary. 

For many felony sex crimes, offenders are required to register every three months while misdemeanor offenders are required to register annually. Depending on the nature of the conviction, this ongoing registration may last for 25 years, or in the case of some serious crimes, for life. Failure to comply with the registration requirements can result in additional penalties. 

Possible Penalties 

If you are convicted of a sex-related offense in Michigan, you may face a wide range of potential consequences. Depending on your specific charge, you could face heavy fines, a lengthy prison sentence, or both. 

In addition to penalties handed down by the court, a conviction of a sex crime will have long-lasting effects on your life, including your employment opportunities and housing options. 

The Importance of Skilled Legal Representation 

Being convicted of a sex-related crime can have a devastating impact on every facet of your life — personally and professionally. Serious stakes like these require serious assistance. When your freedom and future are on the line, hiring a knowledgeable criminal defense legal team to lead you in the right direction will provide you with the strongest opportunity to stand up for your rights. 

Without the help of experienced attorneys, you run the risk of receiving the maximum penalties applied to your charges. Even people who are charged with serious crimes have rights, including the right to fair and honest legal representation. Don’t make the mistake of thinking hiring a skilled attorney is not in your best interest. 

Sex Crimes Defense Attorneys Serving Bay County, Michigan 

If you have been charged with a sex-related crime, you don’t have to face this problem on your own. We are ready to work with you to help you pursue the best available result. At Revolution Law PLC, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to learn the details of your case, explain your options, and help you move forward. Contact us for help today. We serve clients in Bay County and Midland County, Michigan.