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Whether you have been charged with a serious felony or misdemeanor, you deserve a criminal defense attorney who will passionately fight to have your rights upheld by the courts. Our attorneys also have extensive experience in family law. We understand the sensitive nature of each of our client's circumstances and are dedicated to seeing you represented fairly.
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Who We Are

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We intimately understand Michigan’s laws and use our knowledge to obtain the best possible outcomes for those in Bay County, Michigan, and nearby Midland County.

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Our attorneys care about those in the area. They are passionate advocates for those in need of assistance navigating the challenging facets of our legal system.

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Preparing clients for a trial is one of our strengths. We are in the courtroom every day and are astutely aware of the conduct expectations held for defendants.

Criminal Defense & Family Law
Attorneys in Bay County, Michigan

Brian H Jean Attorney

Brian H. Jean


Attorney Jean is a Bay County, Michigan, native specializing in fighting to preserve your parental rights. His reputation for rigorous representation and advocacy makes him one of the most sought-after family law attorneys in the state.

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Our Process

Communication is key and we are here to listen and gather the facts to develop a defense strategy. We believe in maintaining a realistic outlook and will keep you diligently informed on the status of your case.


Working together is of the utmost importance for your case. We will serve as a valuable resource during each phase of your case.


It's important you make an educated decision. We will be truthful, show you your options, and tell you what we believe is best in our pursuit of justice.


Our attorneys take time to prepare you for your day in court so that you will know how to conduct yourself to receive your deserved results.

Practice Areas

We are well-versed in criminal defense, DUI offenses, divorce, asset division, and pre-and postnuptial agreements.

Client Testimonials

Counsel with Courage

Advocating Fiercely for the People of Michigan

Driven by our passion for helping others and our deep roots in the community, our law firm intends to provide clients with the best representation in the area. We do not believe in giving clients false hope but prefer a true straightforward approach. We have vast courtroom experience and understand when to use different methods and techniques when handling your case. As criminal defense attorneys, we are knowledgeable and dependable seekers of fair and just treatment. We are not afraid to litigate legal controversies or negotiate the best deal for our clients.

Family law is difficult to understand, and the state can trample on your rights if you are not aware of how the system works. Attorney Brian H. Jean has expertise in Child Protective Services (CPS) and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). We leverage this deep knowledge of the system to fight and keep families together. The people living in Bay County or nearby Midland County, Michigan, can count on us to thoroughly explain their options and help them secure an outcome that protects their present and future.